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How Cannabidiol Works

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a phytocannabinoid contained in herbal cannabis.

It interacts with endocannabinoid system, a systems all humans share which contributes to regulating various physiological (your body) and psychological processes (your mind).

CBD water will help you to manage your anxiety, reduce inflammation and improve your overall well-being.

CBD Water

Each 500ml bottle of water contains 5 million nanograms of CBD for general health and hydration.

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Naturally Organic

100% organic and natural hemp CBD extracts using cutting-edge nanotechnology.

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Offers a convenient, hydrating way to get your daily CBD with guess-free dosing.

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Lab-tested and infused in approximately 9+ pH water. Highly bioavailable and absorbable.

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Activates your serotonin receptors

Serotonin promotes anti-anxiety effects, regulates sleep and perceived feelings of pain.

Absorbed fully by your body

CBD molecules are shrunk down to nanoparticles when infused in water, providing exceptional bioavailability for maximum bodily uptake.

Totally safe for you

CBD water has no known adverse effects. Unlike when consumed in oils, CBD in water has no taste. Enjoy the benefits drinking a simple glass of water.

Live the life you want

With no pain and easy access to help you with your problems the possibilities are endless. What will you do? Live pain free.

Identify your Goals

It’s the first step to change. Explore your symptoms and define your condition or work on prevention.

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Find a Solution

Whether it's a CBD product, mental health professional or encouraging physical activity, we're here to help.

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Keep the pain away

Consistency is key. With weekly delivery save 15% and get the peace of mind of a sustainable plan.

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Make an investment in your better future

Your pain free life could be a sip away

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