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Technology + Fitness = A New Path to a Best You

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HealthBrain’s Live Coaching Platform helps you become Your Best You

We find out where you want to go and support you on Your journey to get there.


Coaching Platform

Exercise with your coach live through our coaching platform every week - the cloud delivers personal attention wherever you workout.


Workout Plans

Our platform gives your personal workout plan made for your lifestyle, experience, conditions and goals - find the plan for the Best You.



Our AI analytics allow our platform to improve your results every - track your results automatically in platform and we’ll improve them.



Learn how to improve your diet week by week - no diets or starving yourself, instead use constant improvement one habit at a time.


Support and Motivation

We follow up with you after every workout and we give you new tools to improve at every weekly.

Find Your BestYou

In Your Initial Premium Session we learn your needs to create the plan designed for the Best You. Start strong.

Your First Live Coaching Session

Connect to your trainer and we’ll guide you through your custom workout. Have your plan.

Your Weekly Live Coaching

Keep your improvement up-date with weekly live coaching sessions. Meet your goals!