About Us

Two years ago, I, Matt Davis, nearly lost my dad to heart failure. The days following were some of the hardest of my life. I was scared, hopeful, and at the same time, frustrated. Shortly after he was hospitalized, I found out that the warning signs of my father’s heart failure could have been detected by the Fitbit he was wearing. We just didn’t have a way of accessing that valuable data.

Fueled by this frustration and eager to fill in the long hours spent in waiting rooms, I came up with the idea of HealthBrain. A platform with the goal of providing regular people with information and actionable-solutions to improve their health. With the data we collect from our users we not only will provide our users a more personalised approach to medicine but go further and empower our users to share that information with clinical researchers and drive new life-improving and life-saving research for the benefit of all