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Use Your Journey Guide to reach Your Healthier Lifestyle

Your FitCamp Journey Guide makes following the path to a Healthier Lifestyle a step-by-step, daily process.


your main goal

Your FitCamp Journey Guide walks you through a simple self-assessment to orient your FitCamp experience towards where you want to go. Flowing from your main goal a custom, daily and achievable plan is created


to track your progress

In Your FitCamp Journey Guide everyday has it's own page, making it easy to track your process, log your exercises and tackle your three daily "be healthier" challenges


the way you think.

In Your FitCamp Journey Guide each week has it's own reflection exercise. Let’s make a space for you to practice becoming more intentional about your choice to create your healthier lifestyle


yourself change in four week

At the end of four weeks you'll notice a lot of positive changes, as Your Journey Guide helped you stick to your plan and reach your goals. After celebrating your progress, it will be time to start a new journey, building upon your past successes.

Start Your Journey

Our set-up process walks you through picking the habits you want to change and setting goals to get your there. We work with you to build a plan just for you.

Connect To Your Trainer

We connect you to the trainer who is best for you. They act as your coach - supporting you as you create your new, healthier habits - and running your weekly FitCamps sessions.

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Monitor Your Success

Fill in Your Journey Guide to see your path and improvements day by day. Create the series of amazing days to get you where you want to go.

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