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Your Journey towards a Healthier Lifestyle has never been this much fun

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Gamifying fitness changes the way you look at living a Healthy Lifestyle

We want to make being active as natural and easy-to-look forward to as playing your favourite game.

Gamification turns making the right choice for your Healthy Lifestyle into the easiest choice you’ll make each day.


the right challenges for you

FitCamp trainers make every session tailored to your strengths and abilities. We will find the right challenges for you, keeping you growing and motivated.


your active lifestyle

A combination of friendly competition and cooperation, built into every exercise and sessions, really make the fun of FitCamp come to life!


with fellow travellers

It's not only your trainer's enthusiasm that makes FitCamp sessions fun and engaging, but your fellow participants energy pumping it up as well.


being active into your life

We won't quit until we make you excited about being healthy. Our goal is to turn being active from a good habit you want and maintain into a new lifestyle you love and share.

Start Your Journey

Our set-up process walks you through picking the habits you want to change and setting goals to get your there. We work with you to build a plan just for you.

Connect To Your Trainer

We connect you to the trainer who is best for you. They act as your coach - supporting you as you create your new, healthier habits - and running your weekly FitCamps sessions.

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Monitor Your Success

Fill in Your Journey Guide to see your path and improvements day by day. Create the series of amazing days to get you where you want to go.

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