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We help you build Your Healthier Lifestyle

HealthBrain Fitcamp makes building your Healthier Lifestyle fun and straightforward.

We find out where you want to go and support you on Your Journey to get there.


us about you

At our first meeting we walk you through an assessment and a goal-setting exercise. From there we create a FitCamp plan best-suited to you, built around three FitCamp sessions per week.


your journey guide

Your Journey guide is your lifestyle assistant. Each book covers a four week period, allowing you to break down your lifestyle goals in manageable daily habits and keep track of your progress.


with your trainer

We connect you to the trainer who is best for you. They act as your coach - supporting you as you create your new, healthier habits - and running your weekly FitCamps sessions.

Have Fun⸺

at your first FitCamp session

FitCamp sessions are held at convenient times, three to five times a week, which you set-up with your trainer. We make it easy to Build Your Lifestyle around getting out, having fun and being active every week.

Start Your Journey

Our set-up process walks you through picking the habits you want to change and setting goals to get your there. We work with you to build a plan just for you.

Connect To Your Trainer

We connect to your trainer to schedule individual or group training sessions when its best for you. Receive the support and guidance to be your best.

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Monitor Your Success

Fill in Your Journey Guide to see your path and improvements day by day. Create the series of amazing days to get you where you want to go.

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